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Cycling holiday in Spain at Casa La Vida Feliz

Cycling holiday in Spain

Spain, the perfect country for your cycling holiday. Certainly in the province of Almería you will enjoy yourself as a cycling tourist or professional cyclist. Here you can practice all disciplines through the very varied landscape. From coast to mountains.
This blog can be the first step to a successful cycling holiday in Spain.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should choose a cycling holiday in Spain

Uno: Beautiful roads with often little traffic
Dos: Beautifully varied landscapes and countless historical places
Tres: You can rent good bicycles and e-bikes in more and more places in Spain
Cuatro: Good bicycle shops
Cinco: A rapidly growing range of bicycle routes and cycle paths
Seis: More and more Spanish cities that give the bicycle space
Siete: Many small travel companies with special bicycle tours in Spain
Ocho: Hotels and B & Bs (like ourselves) with bicycle facilities
Nueve: The cosiness and hospitality of Spanish life
Diez: And of course not to forget the Spanish sun

The coasts (half an hour's drive from our B&B you will find Mojacar and Vera for example), the edges and the islands of Spain are most popular with (sporty) cyclists. The large empty interior of Spain is clearly less popular with them than Northern Spain, the Pyrenees, Catalonia, the East Coast, Andalusia, Mallorca (Balearic Islands) and the Canary Islands. There you will also find most travel organizations, bicycle rental companies, bicycle hotels, bicycle routes etc.

There are some beautiful long-distance routes through the interior of Spain. Rarely does a cyclist come back without stories about the impressive landscapes, beautiful cities, and the beautiful encounters with the locals. And with the plan to return to cycling in Spain soon.

The climate of Spain:
Nowhere in Europe can you start your cycling holiday this early in the year and continue for as long as in Spain. In the summer months of July and August it gets really hot in many places, but with a little planning you can keep cycling.
In some areas (such as ours in Zurgena) you can still cycle well in the winter months (December, January, February). And spring arrives in the south at the end of February.

The mountains
Spain is mountainous like in Zurgena where Casa La Vida Feliz is located. The country is full of large and small mountains. As a cyclist you will regularly have to climb. Flat cycling is possible along the coast and in the valleys of the major rivers.

If you like climbing, Spain offers you every opportunity. The most famous mountains lie behind the north coast in the Cantabrian Separation Mountains (e.g. the Angliru), in the Pyrenees, in the Sierra Nevada (with the Pico Veleta, the highest climbable road in Europe) and in the Canary Islands. And then cyclists in the famous cycling areas such as Girona, Costa Blanca and Mallorca also have their favorite climbs.

The infrastructure in Spain is of exceptional quality. With European money, boom lines changed into high-speed lines, highways were built everywhere and local roads were provided with new asphalt. When you see that on all those beautiful roads sometimes only a few cars a day drive, you may wonder if they have not even gone a bit overshot.

Spanish cycling culture and Vías Verdes
Spaniards are very positive about bicycles. Their top riders are national heroes and there is a lot of touring and trimming on mountain and road bikes, whether or not in cycling clubs. In many cities, a real cycling culture has also emerged and bicycle paths and bicycle rental companies are appearing. In a city like Seville, everyone uses the bicycle to move around the city. It is certainly not yet the Netherlands or Flanders, but the movement is irreversible.

The so-called Vías Verdes are also emerging. These are old railway tracks that cycle paths are made of. They are usually gravel paths that go through nature. The Spaniards themselves are very impressed by these special routes, which together are 2,000 km long.

The feeling of Spain
The central interior of Spain is vast and empty. You can drive there for hours without encountering much. If you arrive in the larger villages and towns, it suddenly bustles with life again (well, except during the siesta). Spain has in many ways become a modern European country, yet it has retained a distinct face. Spain is beautiful, rugged and adventurous. It's great to pull through on your bike, especially knowing that you're celebrating the end of your tour with tapas, fun and a good glass of wine.

So why doubt about a cycling holiday to Spain. Be sure to check out the rooms of our B&B where you can relax after a nice bike ride and maybe already pick a trip for the next day of your cycling holiday



Why stay with Belgians in Spain?

Many Belgians and Dutch emigrate to Spain for the hospitality and the good weather of course. Many of them and we of course also start a B&B. Why stay with Belgians in Spain?
There is nothing more fun than spending your holiday in a B&B in Spain under the sun while you can speak your entire stay in Dutch. We know better than anyone what the Belgian needs and requirements are and adapt everything to give you the "home feeling". For example, during your stay you can follow your favorite TV programs in the U.k., where in Spanish B & B's and hotels you are usually limited to Spanish channels. And yet you can still enjoy authentic Spain and Spanish hospitality in many of the local restaurants, bars and shops in the nearby towns and villages.
Staying with Belgians in Spain really has its advantages.
Definitely come and try it!

Staying with Belgians in Spain - Casa La Vida Feliz