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COVID 19 and Casa La Vida Feliz

Casa La Vida Feliz and COVID 19

Beautiful Spain is one of the most affected countries in the world with regard to the COVID 19 virus. The Spanish government has therefore had to take drastic measures that have made Spain very difficult economically. But these measures have reached their goal. Limiting COVID 19. As a B&B, it is therefore also normal that measures are also taken here to protect our guests against COVID 19. For example, we provide pumps with rubbing alcohol in strategic places, and we also ask to respect the social distance inside and outside our B&B. Everything within our B & B is everything extra cleaned and processed in our kitchen with the necessary care. We are also constantly looking for products to better clean the common areas, rooms, etc. and to wash the linen as well as possible.
The health and safety of our guests is therefore our top priority and of course your pleasant and unique stay with us.


Borders of Spain open again B&B Casa La Vida Feliz

Borders of Spain open again

The Spanish government wants to admit foreign tourists from 1 July. The situation in the country of tourists and their precise destination will be taken into account. For example, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are said to be accessible earlier than more contaminated regions in Spain.

In the meantime, (small) shops, hotels and catering business terraces are already open, but with a limited occupancy rate and under very strict safety conditions.

In about half of the country (the regions that are in phase 2), the beaches are accessible again, although for the time being this is only for the Spaniards.

Since Thursday, May 21, and until the end of the state of emergency, it is mandatory to wear a mask in public areas, both indoors and outdoors.


B&B Casa La Vida Feliz en Corona


Almost all internal borders of the EU are closed due to the Corona virus. This means that you cannot travel between countries without a valid reason.
The Belgium / France and France / Spain borders will remain closed for non-essential movements until mid-June 2020


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